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Q: participate in marketing campaigns like “theworldsmostinterestingpostcard”, do you have to have your website?
A: The postcard program is independent of all our other programs. (Although it works well with them!) It's good for anyone who has past clients, or a sphere of influence... it's designed to replace that newsletter that no one sends to their after unit... and has an intentional design to get referrals... way cool. (Better watch out, Dean's straying into the after unit now!)

Q: Can I try out for few months at $29.00 and than convert to yearly?
A: Absolutely, you can convert over to the annual program at any point, for $199.00

Q: With the monthly payment option: is it an automatically recurring charge?
A: Yes, this is an automatically recurring charge.

Q: Are there any term requirements with the monthly option (am I locked in for the full year)?
A: If you pay the $29/month, our agreement is for one month at a time. Simply let us know 3 days before the next billing (billing cycle is 30 days), if you'd like to change your plan.

Q: What format is the postcard?
A: The postcard is be available in Word and PDF.

Q: What size are the postcards?
A: they're in Word Doc, 8.5x5.5 - so you can fit 2 to a page

Q: It looks like an 8 1/2 x 11' page, which would be folded and mailed. In Canada, anything mailed needs to be closed on 4 sides, otherwise it is no longer a standard letter. Is that the intention with this piece?
A: Nope. This is actually a postcard. Front and back. 5.5x8.5 nothing to get caught in the mail machines...

Q: When will the postcards be available?
A: The postcards will be available by the 5th day of each month.

Q: How much does it cost on top of this for printing and mailing.
A: In the US, via, For Printing, Postage and Processing - First Class: $0.92 @100, $0.91 @250 Standard Class: $0.73 @100, $0.72 @250

Q: How often will I receive the postcard?
A: The postcard is updated each month -- Just to go to the MEMBERS area for the download.

Q: Will I have the ability to place my information on the back?
A: Absolutely. You'll be able to put your photo, logo, and contact info... and a little customization on it.

Q: I do like this postcard. If I choose to print myself there should be no problems with the file in regards to my ability to print?
A: There should be no problems. I printed a couple of Samples for Dean on my local computer from the Word documents, worked like a dream. You can fit 2 postcards per page.

Q: Is the content Canadian, US, or neutral?
A: Neutral, this will work in the US and Canada, probably anywhere English is spoken.

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